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Web and Mobile Apps take Customer Loyalty to a Whole New Level, provided they ...

  • Are User Friendly

  • Update in Real-Time

  • Provide Useful Functionality and Benefits

  • Do Not Cause Any Speed Issues or Problems with their Mobile Device

  • Have Social Media Integration


Build Loyalty ... Go Mobile!

Web & Mobile Apps

Mobile Web Apps are very similar to Mobile Websites in that they are both web-based and hosted on a server that is accessible from the Internet, making them different from a Native Mobile App that is downloaded to your mobile device. Mobile Websites are a responsive version of your website that responds to the screen size detected giving your visitors the information on your website in a format that is easy to read and navigate from a mobile device.   Mobile Web Apps often have more functionality and specific actions.

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Mobile Web Apps have many benefits over Native Mobile Apps. The biggest benefits are:

  • They are updated in REAL-TIME, meaning you don't have to download updates. Everytime you access the app from your phone you are getting the latest updated version of the App with up-to-date information.
  • They don't take up space on your mobile device or slow it down by taking up resources.
  • They can be accessed from a PC or Mobile Devices
  • You don't lose them should something happen to your mobile device.

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