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The pilot and cornerstone system of Ntouch Digital was designed with the extensive input of apartment community management staff.  Created specifically for the apartment management industry, this system provides a platform for managers, assistant managers and other staff to communicate with their residents in real-time using multiple avenues of communication simultaneously.  In this "Digital" and "Going Green" day and age, the Ntouch Community system not only allows for communication with superior efficiency, but also saves time and money.

dashboard branding smWith Ntouch Community you have:

Resident Communication

  • Text and Email your message simultaneously
  • Send messages to the entire community or to specific residents
  • Create groups for messaging (i.e. buildings, fitness groups, singles, etc.)
  • Include images and links (to documents, websites, etc.) in the body of your message
  • Include attachments on the email messages
  • Schedule created messages to go out at a later date
  • Update real-time information on the included mobile app
  • Customize the mobile app to fit your community's needs
  • Add your Rent Payment Portal, receive maintenance requests and referrals through the mobile app
  • Run reports for messages sent

Prospective Resident Communication

  • Send updates to prospective residents that have visited you property
  • Send messages to all prospects or to specific prospects
  • Keep notes on prospects
  • Create groups for prospects (i.e. 30 days, 60 days, 2 bdr, 3 bdr, etc.)
  • Schedule created messages to go out at a later date


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text emailText and Email Messages Simultaneously

It's your choice whether you want a message to go out via email, text or both.  Depending on the length, importance and time-sensitivity of a message, you may determine how you want that message delivered and the Ntouch sytem gives you the flexibility to make the choice at the click of a button..  Sending messges by both can serve well for multiple reminders as well as a back up method should one of them get missed.

Choose Your Audience Easily

Through the Target Message feature you can choose to send your message to a single person, multple people of your choice or a group that you have set up.  On the other hand the Community Message feature allows you to easily get a message out to your entire community with one simple click.

Deliver Your Images and Documents Both Ways

Embed an image or link to a document into the body or a text and add atachments to an email to provide more information than you may want to include in the message body itself.

Schedule Your Messages to Go Out at a Later Date

Have you ever thought of a notice on Wednesday, but you don't need to get it to the residents until Friday?  You can go ahead and put it in the system and simply schedule it to go out on the exact day and time you need it to go out in the future.  You can always go back and look to see what messages you already have scheduled as well.

Recurring Messages

When you schedule a message to go out in the future, you are given the option to make it a recurring message on the schedule of your choosing.

mobile app3Use the Community Mobile App for Convenience

For the convenience of your residents and your staff there may be certain information and updates that may not warrant the need of an email or text.  Maybe there is information that you want your residents to be able to view over and over or at their convenience like a Community Calendar, Important Dates, Reminders of Policies, etc.  The Community Mobile App is a perfect place for you to keep your residents informed of what is going on where they live.  The best part, you can create as many customizable pages as you need.

Make It Easy for Your Residents

Your Community Mobile App also includes features such as Rent Payment (through your payment portal), Maintenance Requests (delivered to your staff via email), Refer a Friend (to help you get those new leases) and with our Local Merchant Program they even get special Community Perks from Local Merchants just for being a resident at your community.

See How Your System Has Been Used

You can pull reports, any time, to verify when messages were sent, what the messages contained and who received them.


Stay Ntouch with Your Prospective Residents

Though the Ntouch system was initially built to fit the needs of communication between your staff and your residents, we soon realized that communication with your Prospective Residents is also very important.  So we added the Prospect Portal to the dashboard.

The features in the Prospect Portal are the same as in the Resident Portal with a few minor differences.

You can use the Prospect Portal to effectively communicate with those prospects who are in the apartment shopping process and have visited your community for a tour.  By using the groups feature as well as the message scheduling you can be sure that you stay in touch with them through the process and maximize your opportunity to get them as a new resident in your community.

Once they are "home" as a new resident, you simply click the "Convert to Resident" on their profile and they are automatically added to Resident Portal and will start receiving your resident communication messages.


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