Ntouch Member - Text Messaging Communication & Marketing Dashboard


Seeing the need for efficient real-time communication between organizations and their members we adapted the Ntouch Digital System to accommodate the functionality needed for this purpose.  We added and modified functions within the system in order to provide specific functions requested through feedback from organization founders and leaders.

With Ntouch Member you have:

Member Communication

  • Text and Email your message simultaneously
  • Send messages to the entire organization or to specific members
  • Create groups for messaging (i.e. departments, committees, etc.)
  • Include images and links (to documents, websites, etc.) in the body of your message
  • Include attachments on the email messages
  • Schedule created messages to go out at a later date
  • Update real-time information on the included mobile app
  • Customize the mobile app to fit your organizations needs
  • Create multiple apps for the use by different departments, groups or committees
  • Receive dues payments and member referrals  through the mobile app
  • Run reports for messages sent

Prospective Members Communication

  • Send updates to prospective members who have been referred or visited the organization
  • Send messages to all prospects or to specific prospects
  • Keep notes on prospects
  • Create groups for prospects (i.e. 30 days, 60 days, 2 bdr, 3 bdr, etc.)
  • Schedule created messages to go out at a later date

Member Login

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