Our Company & Team

Our Company

Since 1999 our team has continuously built longlasting relationships by providing quality products and integrity driven services.  We take pride in helping our clients stay up-to-date with the latest in proven web and marketing methods by keeping our team and production methods on the cutting-edge of time-tested technology.  Our clients and their trust in the services that we provide come first to each and every member of our team.

Our Team

With over 50 years of combine technology, marketing, sales and business experience, we bring a wide-range of perspective and knowledge to each project that we are privileged to be a part of and given the chance to bring to life.  Being your technology team is something we take very serious and we approach it in a fashion to not only build a successful venture for you, but also to build a memorable and trusted relationship with us.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a customer experience that includes honesty, integrity, and trust through a solid and enjoyable relationship, with the common goal of success for all parties involved.

Our team is comprised of a network of individuals that work remotely, all here in the United States.  We are proud to be a U.S. based and supported company, as well as using technology to allow our team members to work from home and spend more time with their families.


Meet the Leaders

steve2020Stephen (Steve) Brown III

Since 1999 Steve has been helping businesses improve through the use of technology.  

From networking and hardware needs to website design, programming and the latest web and mobile marketing techology Steve has assisted companies in a wide variety of industries in the growth and streamlining of their operations to grow their business.

Being a entrepreneur and business owner for over 25 years, Steve has owned businesses including a lawn and tree service, a local gym, personal training studios, and a franchise massage clinic, all while still growing Ntouch Digital year by year.  It is this experience and knowledge gained through practical application and success, that Steve brings to each and every Ntouch Digital client.

"Being a U.S. Army vet made it important for me to build this business on the same technologies that we provide and allow our team to work remotely and have the ability to be close to their families as needed."  -  Steve

chris2020bwChris Scott

For the past 30 years, Chris has been providing both customer facing and remote support to a variety of customers.  Chris started out providing service to Doctors and Oncologists. Later moved into providing remote customer support in the medical imaging field.  

Chris helped co-found Ntouch in 2009 building the initial Ntouch text and email applications as well as helping with custom programming. 

As the lead programmer and head of support Chris continues to use his 30 years of customer service experience and programming expertice to provide Ntouch clients with the unique technical functionality and support their company needs.

wes2020Wesley Brown

Wesley (Wes) Brown, son of Ntouch owner / co-founder Steve Brown has been following in his fathers footsteps for some time.

With 10 plus years of graphic design, customer service and Audio / Video Engineering experience, Wesley’s core lies in creativity; bringing our clients vision to life and creating a seamless experience for branding.

Being a very well skilled Audio Technician as well as a passionate and very proficient Photographer and Videographer makes him a huge value to clients and the needs for their business.

He is also very knowledgable and skilled in the proper and proficient use of Social Media.

He has worked in many industries providing top tier customer service as well as project managment and continues to do so here at Ntouch Digital.

ash2020bwAshley Gonzales

Ashley, niece of Ntouch owner / co-founder Steve Brown, has had many years’ experience in Customer Service and Digital Marketing Strategy/Design.

She worked in a large corporation for over 8 years in a leadership role. This has allowed her to understand the trends with customer buying habits and services needed on a day to day basis.

She has also been in her current Social Media Marketing field for many years. She is very passionate about helping small to medium businesses grow and creating business branding. She has worked with a wide range of businesses from Artist, Realtors, Restaurants, and Online Services. Working together She has been able to help increase sales and ROI for the advertising dollar of many businesses in the United States and Canada. Below are some examples:

Artist- Started out with only 1,000 fans in two weeks we were able to increase this to 14,000 fans. Which also increased video views from 34,000 people to 886,574 people.

Realtor- Was only reaching about 5 new people a week by working together we created content that increased this to over 100 people a week.

Restaurant- Struggling through COVID-19 for pick up orders. Starting out with only a couple orders we increased this to 50 pick up orders.

Online Service- Started out at only a couple conversions and lowering the price of services. We were able to charge regular price for services and increase conversions from one ad to 200 conversions.